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Highlight some text – a dare ya

Today I’ve implemented a little bit of script on my site that allows you – the visitors of this site – to highlight any bit of text that you might want to tweet… and tweet it at the click of a buttons.

Go on…

Give it a go.

It’s quite a simple bit of jQuery script that activates on text highlight.

var myCopy;

function clickToCopy(){

    Kolich = {};

Kolich.Selector = {};
Kolich.Selector.getSelected = function(){
    var t = '';
        t = window.getSelection();
    } else if(document.getSelection){
        t = document.getSelection();
    } else if(document.selection){
        t = document.selection.createRange().text;
    return t;

Kolich.Selector.mouseup = function(event){
    st = Kolich.Selector.getSelected();
        $("body").append("<div class='panel'><a href='http://www.twitter.com' target='_blank' id='textTweet'>Tweet this</a></div>");
            "left": event.pageX,
            "top": event.pageY
        myCopy = "" + st;

            var whatDiff = myCopy.length - 100;
            myCopy = myCopy.slice(0,-whatDiff);

        myTweet = myCopy.replace(/\%/g,"%25").replace(/ /g, '%20').replace(/!/g,"%21").replace(/"/g,"%22").replace(/#/g,"%23").replace(/\$/g,"%26").replace(/\&/g,"%26").replace(/'/g,"%27").replace(/\(/g,"%28").replace(/\)/g,"%29").replace(/@/g,"%40");

$("#textTweet").attr("href", "http://twitter.com/home?status=" + myTweet + "...%20" + window.location.href);

    } else { $(".panel").remove();}

    $(document).bind("mouseup", Kolich.Selector.mouseup);

The purpose of this is less about the what it does (and being a smart-arse)… but more an experiment in allowing visitors to better choose what they share socially (rather than the bog-standard “Share this page”-type button.

Part two of this will be to also include a “copy to clipboard” option… which also allows for better analytical tracking… but this is yet to come (watch this space).

Update: I’m also going to try and make it work a little better in instances where the selected text is longer  than the characters allowed.

The offline Facebook experience

This is an interesting concept… if a little troubling… and it makes me wonder about what the real-life implications might be.

Real-life-liking (in this incarnation) seems to be just the act of promoting what you’re doing. However it seems to me that this could, in the future, work along the lines of the Pay With A Tweet service.

This could work on those occasions when the value of brand-promotion is greater than the profit of the item. For instance – when people are giving away product sample outside train stations… they are bargaining on future purchases and word-of-mouth marketing.

However, imagine if you were given the sample in return for a automatic tweet or like… instantly the brand would be promoted to your 500+ friends and followers.

The difficulty is the technology. CocaCola relied on RFID chips and pre-saved Facebook data. You would, I suppose, need some kind of Oyster Card type device or a scannable app that could be read at the stand.

Thoughts… comments?

What to do with Samantha Brick?

It’s at times like this that I wish I worked for a mental health charity…

I’m trying to be very careful about how I word this so please forgive me if this sounds a little clumsy… but:

Whether or not Samantha Brick is actually a sufferer of a mental health condition, yesterday sure would have been a good day for self promotion.

I’ve just done a few cheeky sweeps of some of the main mental heath charity twitter and facebook feeds and there was no mention of the woman who was rapidly becoming a twitter sensation.

I’m not saying any one of these charities should have been wandering around diagnosing Mrs. Brick with x or y… but, as voices of reason and care a subtle tweet along the lines of…

“A lot of questions being asked over the mental health of #SamanthaBrick – find out more at…”

…wouldn’t have been all that bad?

Or is that just me?