Google+ – A Party With No People

So, thanks to a friend of mine (@Creatingle) I finally received an AAA pass onto Google+ yesterday.

Having already been released for a number of days I felt like I was turning up a little late to the party (a cripplingly horrible concept for an early adopter such as myself). However it seems like Google forgot to invite anyone.

I get Google’s beta-test-until-everyone-feels-like-they’re-missing-out-on-something-amazing thing… but with a social network it seems a little… well… idiotic! When we’re used to having 750 million people (theoretically) at our Facebook finger-tips, a social network where I can only communicate with a fraction of my friends is more than a little unsatisfying. A bit like the offer an all you can eat buffet without any food.

That being said – do I think this is another Google failure? Probably not!

Google has the never-to-be-underestimated advantage of a huge market share, brand presence and its fair-share of incredibly loyal customers. That (google)plus the fact that Google+ is actually pretty good (I’m not going to critique it myself but nichewp have one that might be worth a read) and they might actually have found a winner.

I don’t think it’s likely to be taking Facebook’s crown any time soon but could see it creating its own niche for itself in the way Twitter and LinkedIn have. If one things for certain its definitely better than MySpace… but then again, was that ever an option?