A dark day for the web

As if there were any more reason for us all to love Google and Wikipedia today they both announced that they would be actively showing their support of the anti-SOPA campaign.

Tomorrow will be a dark day for the web.

That’s right – whilst wikipedia switches off the lights and goes black for a full 24 hours, Google will be providing a link declaring its opposition to the SOPA and PIPA legislation in the US.

The legislation, which would give the US government the right to switch off any website that they suspect to include pirated material… a worrying concept considering the number of sites that are compromised of user generated content.

This has, as you might expect, got the tech world sweating… however outside of those of us who spend our lives reading blogs such as this. That’s why stunts such as these by Google and Wikipedia are so important to the cause.

Mashable has been encouraging Wikipedia, Google and Facebook to “switch-off” in support of the campaign to try and rally support from the general public.

Hopefully after tomorrow we will see a more people talking about this possibly web-changing legislation.