Vodafone cover Dogs Bollox

Just a brief note to say how delighted I was to see Vodafone covering a project I have been involved with at work. We’ve tried to do something a little different and it’s finally starting to pay off with some national coverage.

I’ll be writing a blog post on this project in the coming weeks so watch this space!

In the mean time – if you want to find out more about The Dog’s Bollox project feel free to visit The Blue Cross site here.

Thank You Google

Google – the “don’t be evil” company (that everyone’s finding quite fashionable to hate at the moment) just made live our Google Grant.

A Google Grant (for those who don’t know) is a grant (suprisingly) supplied by Google (shock-horror) for charities to put out free advertising on the Google AdWords platform. Whilst our application was ok’d about 2 months ago the account was made live this week.

This represents over £73k of free advertising to the organisation… about £202 a day!

So… thank you Google! We love you… a lot!

If you are a charity in need of some free advertising you can apply for a Google Grant here.